Worth repeating: from Tammy LaBouef

Triston Cole State Representative Triston Cole — You Co sponsor this legislation. You believe this to be a good idea. You took a lobbyist paid vacation. You basically challenge me to call out other reps that voted for this in the past. I responded to your message and your challenge. Many others have responded on this post as well…. But from you crickets!!!! What say you??? Be a Man, stand up and defend yourself! What do you say to your constituents that feel betrayed by you???? What about the post that show 82% of your campaign donations come from PACs and Lobbyist???? Please tell us how proud you are and the things you are doing for us — liking going against our vote and raising the gas tax? Why have you not started legislation on restoring MI to Part Time Legislation??? Why not go after lowering our insurance rates??? Why not fix the Capital View mess?? What about asset forfeiture reform??? How about Michcon and DTE monopolies that you let to continue to seal from us and charges some of the highest energy ratres in the nation….. Oh yea you took money from them so you sway their way, I almost forgot about that. Tell all of us how we are to dumb to know what the state’s needs, and we don’t know what we want, or what’s best for us. Tell all of us how we just don’t understand politics. Tell all of us about your superior intellect and how educated you are. Why are you so easily bought when no-one runs against you, you don’t need the campaign war chest. Do you have to get talking points from your handlers on this? You sold out to the highest bidder and sadly your constituents are even bidding on you. We have lost faith and trust in you. I thank God for term limits as this will be the last term you can be my districts State Rep. I feel sorry for the people you will pretend to represent going further. When your political career is over in 2020 or when ever….How will you walk the streets of Northern MI??? I hope the fat pockets you will have will help you. God Bless you, you are going to need all the blessing you can get. I’ll be praying for you.

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